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Baisically unchanged from the previous journal, but with a list of discount characters near the bottom.

I need money to pay for office space, so I have to open commissions, so I can pay the rent, so I can work more. Commissions will be a little more streamlined than before with less experimentation so they should get done faster. 

If you're interested send me a note with a character name and what they're from. I won't trouble you asking for reference right away since I might turn it down. 

EDIT: To avoid confusion. I'm only accepting payment for 3-4 at a time. So even though it might look like I'm ignoring notes. I'm just holding back on replying so I don't start accepting payments early. I don't want to get overwhelmed with too many at once and have them drag on for a long time because of it.

Prices are:
$20 sketches
fat Bulma 1 by Eishiban
$35 for color
fat Misty by Eishiban
fat hina and sakura by Eishiban

$15 Sketch or $30 for color:

Most Little Witch Academia characters
Most Dragon Ball characters
Most Nichijou characters
Etna Disgaea
Akira Lucky Star
Sailor Moon Girls
most Windwaker girls
Aisha Clan-Clan- Outlaw Star
Tatsumaki- One Punch Man
Sora or Rika- Digimon
The girl from Daikon IV
2x2 Shinobuden

Will add more if I can think of others I'd like to do. 

I wont be doing any backgrounds for these, just characters. 

Commission list:


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Got note, but going in for early shift. Please stand by, and thanks.
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Hi. I just realized there's a game called "Bacon Man" and I saw Lard Lass. If I'm right, wasn't she's one of your OCs?
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